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PIMFA Criticises FSCS £300M Levy

Thursday 31st January 2019


PIMFA, the trade association for investment managers and financial advisers, has strongly criticised the level of the indicative levy for 2019/20 following the publication of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) plan and budget.

The FSCS Plan and Budget shows increasing levies for life distribution, pension and investment intermediation class (£240m) and an unchanged position for the investment provision (discretionary) class (£59m) for 2019/20. The extreme short notice of this bill in just eight weeks before the year end upsets profit forecasts and business operations.

Ian Cornwall, Director of Regulation at PIMFA, commented:

“Yet again we have an ongoing and ever increasingly high levy. We question the effectiveness of FCA’s supervisory approach and whether a proper analysis is being undertaken as to the reasons why claims are arising, in order to mitigate future claims. FCA’s supervisory approach must be more proactive in quickly taking action to address the root causes of the claims that result in unsustainable FSCS levy increases.

‘The FSCS levy is a major cost burden on all firms large and small and is considered by firms to be a cost of regulation – the current level of levies is unacceptable and not sustainable.  Urgent work needs to be done to prevent failure of firms that leads to calls on the FSCS”





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