The Sunday Times
Best Small Places to Work 2023

PIMFA has been named as one of the top 100 best small places to work in the UK by the Sunday Times.


PIMFA was among those firms with a headcount below 50 staff named as one of the best small places to work in the UK by the Sunday Times survey, which included companies such as Ovo Energy, the retailer Fat Face and Pizza Express among others.

PIMFA provides me with a good/work balance providing the flexibility I need as a working parent

The Sunday Times Best Places to Work list is a nationwide workplace survey which celebrates Britain’s top employers and acknowledges the best workplaces for women, the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled employees, ethnic minorities, younger and older workers, and employee wellbeing.

PIMFA provides all staff with the flexibility to thrive at work and enjoy our lives

The accolade was achieved following results from the survey which showed overall that 90% of staff at PIMFA were happy in their roles, 92% were proud to represent PIMFA and 88% felt empowered to do their job.

Further, 91% of staff reported feeling satisfied in their job, 88% reported feeling properly rewarded and recognised for the work they did and 89% said management shared information with them in an appropriate and timely manner.

The overwhelming majority of staff (94%) said they felt they were treated with respect and an equal number (94%) would recommend a job at PIMFA to friends and family and the same number (94%) said they were happy with their work life balance.

PIMFA cares about my wellbeing and encourages me to put myself and my health first

Working at PIMFA allows you to bring your ‘true self’ when at work, a very welcoming and accommodating environment and workplace that allows for a positive work life balance.

PIMFA staff said the company cared about diversity and inclusion with 96% of staff responding positively to this question. Moreover, 93% of staff said they had a good relationship with their manager while 91% said they had confidence in the management team.

PIMFA has a fantastic culture, the people genuinely care about one another, and we are all proud of the work we do. It can be both fun and serious place to work which give a great balance. As a place to work PIMFA truly values people for their individuality and contributions and works hard to ensure a great work/life balance – I think the award is really deserved.

Sunday Times _ PIMFA infographic