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ICYMI on Friday PIMFA called for @TheFCA to make better use of data in its initial response to the regulator's consultation paper on improving the AR regime. More here from @PensionWonk: https://www.pimfa.co.uk/press-release/pimfa-calls-for-fca-to-make-better-use-of-data-in-supervising-appointed-representatives/

Today we've welcome the initial steps taken by @TheFCA to reform the @FSCS levy but we would like a bit more ambition show in efforts to control and eventually lower it. More here from @LizField7: https://www.pimfa.co.uk/press-release/pimfa-calls-for-greater-ambition-to-solve-fscs-levy-funding-issues

PIMFA appreciates the money is earmarked for improved supervision of firms and better use of data but we will want to see such reforms implemented. Particularly given other cost burdens on firms.