For over 20 years PIMFA have provided the wealth management community with a suite of indices that reflect how UK wealth managers invest on behalf of their clients across a number of investment strategies and asset classes.

We are now pleased to provide you with further insights into this rich data set with the PIMFA Compare My Allocations (CMA) reports. These quarterly reports show how your firms asset allocations compare to the aggregated results of other UK wealth management firms. You can see where your firm sits within the range of allocations, compared to aggregated averages, across multiple portfolios in over 20 different asset classes.


How do your firms’ asset allocations compare to other firms using an equity risk lens?


What are the average asset allocations of the industry across objective investment strategies and how do your firms’ portfolios compare?


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Subscription Total number of reports Early bird price* Standard price
*ends 29/01/2021
Risk 1 £499.00 £999.00
Objective 1 £499.00 £999.00
Risk AND Objective 2 £899.00 £1,799.00
Risk 4 £1,499.00 £2,999.00
Objective 4 £1,499.00 £2,999.00
Risk AND Objective 8 £1,999.00 £3,999.00
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