Managing your Money

If you are thinking about investing in financial instruments or seeking financial advice this section aims to aid you in your understanding of financial terms, answer some common questions and provide links to firms that can help to guide you through the investment process.

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PIMFA's member firms operate on the basis of providing services which are tailored to suit your requirements.

As well as discussing the degree of risk you are comfortable with, and your aims for income or capital growth, you will agree the type of service you require. 

PIMFA's full members are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial watchdog set up by the Government to regulate financial services and protect your rights.

Find a Firm

This search facility is designed to help you find a PIMFA member firm who can meet your needs and contains contact details and the kinds of services each member firm offers.

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  • This section contains information on share dealing and boiler room scams along with frequently asked questions and links to websites which you may find useful.

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