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Thomas Becket (CIO, Psigma) and Rory McPherson (Head of Investment Strategy, Psigma) will be presenting at the PIMFA 2020 Annual Financial Adviser Forum on 22nd January. To book your place, please call the Business Development team on 020 3327 5450 #PIMFA #forum #adviser https://twitter.com/PIMFA_UK/status/1217428239112724480

Join us on Weds 22 Jan at the Financial Adviser Forum to learn and gain CPD points about key topics relating to the industry such as retirement, managing risks & client communications, and intergenerational wealth.

Find out more and book your place here https://buff.ly/2Nqm4U3

Reacting to FSCS announcement of a budgeted levy of £635 million, stating that the FSCS compensation cost is at an all-time high and the cost burden falling upon their member firms is totally unsustainable.

Read our comment in full on the PIMFA website https://buff.ly/38gGtD3