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Let's make the Online Safety Bill great - let's include paid-for digital adverts. Proudly supporting all-round safety for internet users - https://pimfa.cc/2Vn1g

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PIMFA is delighted to welcome Nick Bettison, Partner at @redmaynebentley to our Board. Nick brings over 30yrs of experience in Wealth Management & Stockbroking and said: “I am very pleased to be joining PIMFA’s Board at a pivotal time for the industry: https://pimfa.cc/nick-bettison-pimfa-

PIMFA is delighted to welcome @MyRegData as our latest PIMFA Plus partner. The cloud-based app is a reporting tool that delivers a systemised method of dealing with #data capture for the #RegData return & automates many of these most onerous tasks: https://pimfa.cc/pimfaplusmyregdata