PIMFA Members Manifesto

PIMFA launched our Members Manifesto in June 2018 and reviewed it again in 2020.

The Manifesto lays out our organisation’s 5 year approach to creating the optimal operating environment for member firms to deliver services and meet client needs.

At the core of the Manifesto are six pillars summarising the areas of focus identified from extensive consultation amongst members to achieve the vision for the sector, these are:

  • Enabling access to the sector
  • Designing a sector for the future
  • Ensuring appropriate and proportionate regulation
  • Developing robust and thriving markets
  • Enabling business protection
  • Enabling digital business transformation

Detailing both PIMFA commitments and ‘calls to action’, this cornerstone document reflects the shifting landscape for our industry and all who work within it – from those on the front line giving assistance to individuals, families, charities, pension funds, trusts and companies, to stakeholders from HM Government, Regulators, the media and beyond.