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PIMFA Webinar: How to have more effective ESG conversations with your clients
Over the last few months, you’ve been inundated with messages on ESG. You get that ESG is not a fad,…
3rd December 2020 11:00FIND OUT MORE
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PIMFA Webinar: Investment Firm Prudential Regime Briefing
The FCA is designing a new prudential framework specifically for UK MiFID firms, but influenced by the Investment Firm Regulation…
9th December 2020 15:00FIND OUT MORE
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PIMFA Live Online Learning: SMCR Conduct Rules Train the Trainer programme
As the regulator expects firms to have role-specific training in place that provides a high degree of confidence that conduct…
10th December 2020 09:30FIND OUT MORE
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PIMFA Live Online Learning: What does good ‘Training and Competency’ look like in your firm under COVID-19?
As firms navigate towards a ‘new norm’ the FCA has made it clear in 2020 that they “expect firms to…
14th December 2020 09:00FIND OUT MORE
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PIMFA Webinar: Webinar Wednesday S.2 – Ep.7 – Brexit: What next?
Brexit: What next? As negotiations between the UK Government and European Commission go to the wire the only thing we…
6th January 2021 15:00FIND OUT MORE
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PIMFA Live Online Learning: SMCR: Getting your Fit and Proper Assessments Right First Time
January Sale! Bring a colleague along for free! Use code tcrewardb1g1f at checkout for a 50% discount on 2 tickets. Any queries…
14th January 2021 09:30FIND OUT MORE
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