Current Asset Allocation

Each of these portfolios contains different proportions of UK shares, international shares, bonds, cash and alternatives to reflect the investment aims. The changes in their values (i.e. the movement up or down of the UK shares, international shares, bonds etc) are represented by the movements of the related indices.

Asset allocations changes to the MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series can (but may not) occur upto 4 times per year.

Implementation dates for any potential future asset allocation changes are aligned to MSCI’s global index review re balancing calendar, which are available here.

Recent previous asset allocation changes for the series and their respective implementation dates are available here.

Last reviewed November 2018 – no changes agreed

Next review January 2019 –

Asset ClassEquitiesBondsCashReal EstateAlternatives
Underlying Asset Index UK Equities [MSCI United Kingdom IMI]International Equities (MSCI All country World Index (ACWI) ex-UK (in GBP))Bonds: UK Gilts [Markit iBoxx £ Gilts]Bonds: Corporates [Markit iBoxx £ Coporate]Bonds: Inflation-Linked [Markit iBoxx UK Gilt Inflation Linked]Cash (Cash equivalent) [GBP LIBOR -1% w/ floor 0%]Commercial Property [MSCI UK IMI Liquid Real EState]Hedge Funds/ Alternatives [MSCI World DMF 50% + 1 W LIBOR (GBP) 50%]Total
Global GrowthDeveloped World Equities [MSCI World Index (in GBP)]Emerging World Equities [MSCI Emerging Market Index (in GBP)]