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Delivering through diversity full report Jan 2018 McKinsey

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Yet progress has been slow. The 346 companies in our 2015 research (mostly based in
the US and UK) have increased average gender representation on their executive teams only
2 percentage points, to 14%, and ethnic and cultural diversity by 1 percentage point, to 13%.
What’s more, many companies are still uncertain as to how they can most effectively use I&D
to support their growth and value creation goals.

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Since Why Diversity Matters was published in 2015, we have seen growing awareness of the
business case for inclusion and diversity (I&D). Widely cited, the report has influenced I&D
policy-setting and transformation efforts by corporations, the public sector, and third-sector
organisations worldwide. While social justice, legal compliance, or maintaining industry standard
employee environment protocols is typically the initial impetus behind these efforts,
many successful companies regard I&D as a source of competitive advantage, and specifically
as a key enabler of growth.

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