Index Values 10.10.19

(Total Return (Net) Index Value – Net total return indices reinvest dividends after the deduction of withholding taxes)

MSCI Index CodesIndex Levels ReturnsCompound Annual Returns
MSCI IndexMSCI Index CodeLastDayMTDQTDYTD1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr10 Yr
WMA PRIVATE INVESTOR BALANCED (NET)7119252,398.525-0.02%-1.46% -1.46%12.94%8.77%6.06%8.37%8.11%
WMA PRIVATE INVESTOR GLOBAL GROWTH (NET)7119272,202.7280.04%-0.92%-0.92% 18.90%12.25%9.58%13.06%N/A
WMA PRIVATE INVESTOR CONSERVATIVE (NET)7119191,724.159-0.26%-1.22%-1.22%11.24%9.12%5.01%7.04%N/A
WMA PRIVATE INVESTOR INCOME (NET)7119212,266.594-0.08%-1.40%-1.40%12.21%8.61%5.54%7.56%7.43%
WMA PRIVATE INVESTOR GROWTH (NET)7119232,459.0900.10%-1.55%-1.55%14.07%8.76%6.71%9.14%8.63%

*Please note: The Daily Index Values above are recorded at the end of each trading day. Therefore the figures above are from the end of the previous trading day.  If you have any questions on this please contact [email protected] or your MSCI account manager.