Private Investor Indices

An index is set of calculations that can be used to measure or reflect the performance of a group of companies connected by a specific theme or grouping.

The MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series consists of 5 multi-asset risk reward portfolios that reflect the long term investment strategies and performance of UK wealth managers investing on behalf of their clients.

The skill in investment management is to design a suitable portfolio which will meet an individual investor’s needs. Used properly, this series can give a useful perspective on the world of stocks and shares and on the performance of your portfolio.

About the MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series

Introducing The MSCI WMA Private Investor Index Series
Since March 2017, MSCI has been the index provider behind WMA’s Private Investor Index Series. This series consists of five composite indexes designed to represent the weightings and show returns of selected multi-asset-class strategies, and are used as benchmarks to compare the performance of portfolios.

Read a brochure that explains more about the indices here.

Read more about the Private Investor Indices Asset Allocation Committee here.

They can provide:

  • A basis for discussing and reviewing the asset allocation and structure of your portfolio with your fund manager or stockbroker.
  • A benchmark for assessing and comparing the performance of discretionary fund managers.
  • A measure to compare the performance of similar Income, Growth and Balanced based funds.

There are five Private Investor Indices, to reflect the differing aims of investors:

  • the Conservative index
  • the Income index
  • the Growth index
  • the Balanced index and
  • the Global Growth index

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