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16 July 2020

PIMFA supports TheCityUK report on recapitalising businesses post-Coivd-19

PIMFA, the trade association for the wealth management and financial advice industry, made the following comment on TheCityUK report on recapitalising businesses post Covid-19 today (16 July).

Tim Fassam, Director of Policy and Government Relations at PIMFA, said:

“We have said from the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic that private investment will play a crucial role in the rebuilding of the UK economy. For firms raising new share capital, modern technology means there is no reason not to allow them to participate. For smaller firms, the recommendations allow for a sensible debate about the right way to involve investors.

“But for this to work investors need greater certainty and clarity of information to commit to playing their part in that economic recovery. If too many businesses are struggling with unsustainable levels of debt the uncertainty will present savers and investors with an unacceptable level of uncertainty and risk that would almost certainly delay the economic recovery and could mean it takes years for the economy to return to last year’s level of output. The Office for Budgetary Responsibility (OBR) has already warned about the dangers of a protracted return to economic growth and the damage that high levels of unemployment could inflict.

“The recommendations put forward by TheCityUK, such as a UK Recovery Corporation to attract private capital to support Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) growth directly and the converting of short-term debt into longer term financial obligations to HMRC, would provide greater certainty to savers and investors, potentially save millions of jobs and speed the economic recovery. We were pleased to be a contributor to the report and these recommendations have the full support of PIMFA. We look forward to engaging with the industry andGovernment on these proposals in a constructive manner in the near future.”


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