PIMFA in Partnership with the Brokerage

The Social Mobility Challenge

Findings from the ‘State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain‘, written by the HM Government Social Mobility Commission says:

“Schools have long been viewed as the engine for social mobility but we find that gaps between the poorest students and the others are prevalent at all stages in the education system.  Once in the workplace the inequality continues. The better off are still 80 per cent more likely to make it into professional jobs than those from working class backgrounds. We continue to see that those with the least skills are the least likely to get training”.  And the stats bare this out, did you know that a person is 17 times more likely to be a lawyer if their parents are? or that only 12% of chief executives are from working class origins?

As a champion for Diversity and Inclusion in the Wealth Management and Financial Advice profession PIMFA is proud to be working with the social mobility charity, The Brokerage, to support their initiatives and drive change.

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Who are The Brokerage?

The Brokerage has been working with disadvantaged, talented young people for nearly 25 years to help them achieve their career potential and provide access to opportunities in professional and financial services.  The charity is passionate about breaking the corporate mould and supports organisations to welcome and include talent irrespective of background and race.

  • The Brokerage is the only charity that focuses on driving social mobility in the City of London.
  • Their programmes reach over 8000 and support over 600 young Londoners every year.
  • Their network of over 100 companies in The City help make this possible, engaging in workshops, masterclasses, mentoring and work experience
  • Winner of Social Mobility Initiative category, European Diversity Awards for their JumpStart mentoring and work experience programme with MS Amlin Limited – Global Insurer.

Making A Real Impact

  • 88% of young people said working with The Brokerage improved their ability to collaborate
  • 81% of young people said working with The Brokerage improved their ability to maintain a positive attitude
  • 81% would not have been able to arrange a similar placement independently
  • 88% of young people said working with The Brokerage helped improve their understanding of career options
  • 71% of our alumni earn more than the national state school average
  • 98% completion rate on  the internship programmes
  • 100% completion rate on year 12 work experience
  • 1060 students enrolled on skills building programmes
  • 8000 young people supported through the programmes

Partnering with the Brokerage

Through partnering with The Brokerage, organisations will not only be providing young people with unrivalled opportunities, but will benefit from the following:

  • Staff development and engagement – the chance to mentor, volunteer or lead masterclasses in your specialist field and develop line management skills.
  • A more diverse workforce – driving productivity and innovation with access to our diverse, driven and local talent pool and help address the skills gap.
  • Brand and profile – share a platform with other leaders as one of the City Talent Partners to raise awareness of barriers and solutions for social mobility in the City.
  • Full diagnostic assessment – to identify key diversity and inclusion priority areas

Generation 2020 Academy

PIMFA is a proud supporter of the Generation 2020 Academy, an integrated digital programme to help inspire, develop and support over 200 of the most disadvantaged, talented young people in our community to gain professional employment.

Designed to support Young People in a post-COVID-19 world, the Academy combines well-tested Brokerage programmes with innovative new content to ensure Young People have the relevant skills and expertise.

Following STACK assessment, the young people join relevant components ensuring a personal and needs-based approach.

There are four Core Components:

  1. Webinars & Masterclasses
  2. Online Mentoring
  3. 121 support
  4. Extended engagement

See here for the latest information and recordings for the above masterclasses (they are sessions for young girls from all backgrounds to tell them about what it’s like to work in our industry).

Zara, JumpStart Programme Candidate
, says:

“Without support from The Brokerage I would not have the professional confidence I have now. I have had multiple opportunities to network, either directly or indirectly as a result of The Brokerage, from networking with the WCIB, to casual meetings outside of work during the Jumpstart Programme. My confidence has skyrocketed from when I first got involved at the end of 2018, to the beginning of 2020. I owe this to the wealth of experience provided by The Brokerage and their partners that I otherwise would not have had access to”.

Get Involved

If you’d like to be part of the Generation 2020 Academy and help make a difference please contact Susheel Sharma at susheel.sharma@thebrokerage.org.uk.