Press Release

Tim Fassam joins PIMFA as Director of Government Relations and Policy

PIMFA has appointed Tim Fassam to the newly created role of Director of Government Relations and Policy.

Tim joins PIMFA from TheCityUK, where he was Managing Director of Public Affairs, Policy and Research. Tim held numerous roles in banking and public affairs at Barclays Bank before moving to Prudential where he spent 11 years becoming Director of Public Affairs and Head of the Group Chairman’s Office. His experience spans wealth management, insurance, banking and financial advice, the latter developed during RDR and FAMR.

Tim will join PIMFA at the end of March and will spearhead its engagement activities with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Government. His role will be to ensure that stakeholders understands the needs of wealth managers, financial advisers and that policy reflects both their needs and, most importantly, their clients.

Initially, Tim will be working with Government and the regulator to ensure PIMFA member’s views are represented in any discussions involving policy responses to the current Coronavirus crisis. More broadly his work will centre on ensuring the profession is recognized as a distinct and critical sector within financial services and demonstrating the value of advice not only in times of uncertainty but throughout the lives of consumers. His role will also involve helping to create an environment that supports small to medium sized firms continue to provide their valuable service to clients.

Reporting to the CEO, Tim will lead the policy team at PIMFA to help formulate policy. He will also lead PIMFA’s engagement with the Government on the UK’s future relationship with the EU and the profession’s needs in the future of regulation. As highlighted in the recent paper published by PIMFA on the Future of Supervision, both regulation and supervision need to be considered together, which Tim will champion.

Commenting on the appointment PIMFA Chief Executive Liz Field said:

“I am delighted that Tim will join PIMFA as we enter a new phase of development. He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge that I am sure will prove invaluable as PIMFA seeks to engage with the FCA, Government and other stakeholders at what will prove to be a time of unprecedented change for wealth managers, financial advisers and consumers.

“PIMFA intends to make sure its members’ voices interests are represented at the earliest stage possible through positive engagement with policy makers and regulators to ensure policy better reflects the realities of financial advice and personal investment management in the 21st century.“

Tim Fassam, PIMFA Director of Government Relations and Policy, commented:

“I am very pleased to be joining PIMFA at such a transformative time in history for both the association and the country. It is at times of uncertainty that advisers and wealth managers can be of most help to their clients. Currently even some experienced investors will be struggling know what to do, those making complex retirement decisions for the first time may be struggling even more. The next few years are a chance to help shape policy and regulation so that it enables the sector to help investors both large and small navigate a very different world.

“The UK has a thriving wealth management, investment advice and financial planning industry based in every region and nation of the United Kingdom – the second largest in the world after the US – and PIMFA will work tirelessly to ensure policy allows it to continue to grow.”

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