Employee Benefits Committee

The purpose of the EBC Committee is to advise PIMFA on issues pertaining to the long term savings market through reviewing our policy responses and assessing how policy will affect PIMFA members. On issues of regulation it is advisory, however it is subordinate to the PIMFA Regulatory Board.   The meeting takes place three times a year.


Elliott Silk (Chairman)

Carl Lamb
Almary Green Investments

Nicola Prince
Becket Invest.

Steve Wood
Helm Godfrey

Iain Crowley

Michael Kerr
Kerr Henderson

Roger Sanders
Lighthouse Group


Andrew Botterill
Premier Financial Management

John Jaffray

Carl Wallis / John Higginbottom
Sesame Bankhall Group

Simon Harrington
PIMFA liaison

Heidi Bryant
PIMFA Administrator

John Barrass